Inside the Surface



When one falls in love, he/she has this ‘feel’ of letting oneself go for that one person. It’s beautiful, hearts start beating, dreams come rushing, eyes never can never have enough sight, time remains still, nights start singing, days start dancing and everything is going on within this finite body. Within this finite volume of human body made of flesh and bones, weighing more or less a hundred pound and 5-6 ft in height on the average. 

This is how we look at each other. This is how we categorize each other’s appearances. In the east, these indexes can never get more spiral. In the east, one is never supposed to say ‘hot’. In the east, one can never comment on the other person’s appearances. And yet are always desperately trying to find out a perfect combination of hotness, beauty, fairness, height, a figure eight model, not only all this but also all this enclosing intelligence in accordance to the social eastern norms. 

Everyone has to be judged by the society by the same indexes no matter how well equipped is someone in some other unique ways. Alot of fish are dismissed for not being able to fly and alot of birds are rejected for not being able to swim. Success, love, relations, power, influence and all such traits are judged accordingly to prehistoric, predefined and outdated formats. Most of the times we don’t care what lies inside this body.


The twist of the story is that most of the people either are not aware of this behavior or are very good at pretending that they have completely forgotten such bookish stuff. I always had this habit of thinking over the well-established patterns. I always asked myself that what should be more important, the poison itself or the bottle containing that poison. Cultural norms, admirations, aspirations and opinions of close friends, movies, literature and stuff of such sort is supposed to classify such information.


Unfortunately I could never draw the boundary line. My inside voice was somewhat different than the social eastern norms. Inside my head were these battling thoughts and from the outside the other person could only see a head with a bad hair cutting most of the times and that is what we value after all. Nothing could be specific in answering the question till one day I bought a cell phone. The cell phone was somewhat cheaper but it was magnificently beautiful, listed all the features that an expensive smart phone offered, had a slim and stylish appearance and was equipped with the latest Android OS.

The outlook was wonderful, but only I knew the inside like the thoughts of the inside of my head. It was slow, the battery timing was very bad, speaker was rough and the processing speed took longer. Everybody loved the outside and I cursed it because of its insides. The money I wasted on that locally assembled smart phone bought me an answer I had been looking for such a long time. It’s not the outside that matters, it’s the soul that matters. It’s the inside that matters. It’s not the hair cut on a skull that matters, what matter are the thoughts inside that skull.


You’re not in love with a body, every other hot chick or a sexy guy has the same body. Rather you’re in love with the soul which is as unique as a thumb impression.